Soda Blonde Find Closure With Past Frienemies & Enemies In “Holy Roses”


Photo: PR courtesy

Dublin-based quartet Soda Blonde give us the ultimate anthem to move on from the past in their latest single “Holy Roses.” A broody and heartfelt single “Holy Roses” is a sublime piece of alternative pop where the quartet address the emotional weight that people from our past have imposed upon us. Check it out: 

On the single, frontwoman Faye O’Rourke commented, “So many of us use rejection as fuel to justify stagnancy or living in the past. ‘Holy Roses’ provides me with some closure and I feel it’s one of the most important tracks on the album. I am directly addressing the people in my past who have hurt me in this song. The Rose is symbolic of war and the fleetingness of life and death. It also represents the fall of Christianity, which I compare not only to our country’s dying Catholic status but to the oppression I felt throughout my own personal and work life. ‘Holy Roses’ is the moment of reckoning for me, in all respects. I’m letting go of the people who have hurt me and my old way of living”

The track is from their upcoming debut album Small Talk, which will be out on July 9th. The quartet will also hit the road starting this summer. 

August 13 – 15 Wild Roots Festival, Sligo, Ireland

August 27 + 28 SoFFT Nights, Co.Meath, Ireland

September 08 Mike the Pies, Co.Kerry, Ireland

September 09 Cyprus Avenue, Cork, Ireland

September 10 Dolans Warehouse, Co.Limerick, Ireland

September 11 Roisin Dubh, Galway, Ireland

September 12 Whelan’s, Dublin Ireland

September 19 Belfast Empire Music Hall, Belfast, UK

September 21 Broadcast, Glasgow, UK

September 22 YES, Manchester, UK

September 23 Sebright Arms, London, UK

October 16 Live at Leeds Festival, Leeds UK

July 17. 2022 Iveagh Gardens, Dublin, Ireland (with Sinead O’Connor)