Joker’s Hand Take A Sarcastic Bite On Masochists In “War Profiteer”

Reggae pop

Photo: PR courtesy

Southern Californian duo Joker’s Hand sarcastically criticize those who profit from other people’s suffering in their single “War Profiteer.” The track comes with a video directed by Tim Wakefield where we get to see the duo time travel to the war times and jump back to the present where they live the beachy Californian life. “War Profiteer” is a trotting pop anthem sprayed with reggae hues where you get to witness the duo’s crafty sarcasm that serves as a midfinger to masochists out there. Check it out:

Comprised of Kevin Kawano and Matthew Lau, the duo met while studying film at UC Santa Cruz. They released their debut self-tiled EP back in March 2020. The duo will be playing at the upcoming Beachline Festival in September 10 to 12 alongside Jane’s Addiction, Cage The Elephant, Counting Crows, etc.