LA Parties’ “Iverson” Is Indie Pop For Your Emo Soul

Also an homage to Allen Iverson

Photo: Andy Gorel

They say practice makes perfect and as unglamorous as it may sound, LA Parties proves it’s true. The LA-based, Philly native has unveiled his latest single “Iverson,” a dance-friendly indie rock piece that also delivers the slight melancholic punch of 2000s emo. The tile is a tribute to LA Parties roots as a true Philly sports fan and is named after the 76ers iconic player Allen Iverson who was known for practicing a lot. Through “Iverson,” LA Parties captures the inevitable loneliness and doubt that surges with pursuing something you can’t perfect overnight – but the bizarre motivation that keeps you going at it:

In his own words, “I wrote the song in early 2018 during a period where I was too depressed to sleep in my bedroom, so I was sleeping on the couch (mental illness, I don’t understand it either). I had my interface, laptop, and guitar right next to me on the coffee table, and right when I would wake up in the morning I would open my laptop and just start working. It’s a song about my relationship at the time with being a developing artist, and my prospective career. ‘Staring at my iPhone / All the notes I’ve kept they haunt me,’ I think that’s very relatable for any creative or songwriter.”

LA Parties is the independent and self-managed project of Andy Gorel, who is also a photographer and writer/editor. His previous releases have garnered over 60k streams and made waves across the media. Be on the lookout for more drops from him this year.