Seyblu Celebrates Reunions In “26:06”

Jazzy R&B

Photo: Gizelle Griarte

Canadian artist Seyblu faced a dilemma that many of us experienced at the beginning of lockdown last year – closing borders. Seyblu, who happened to be in London, decided to fly back to Canada and quarantine for two weeks before getting reunited with her partner. The result of this whole pandemic experience is wrapped in her latest single “26:06” which stands for “counting down the final 26 hours and 6 minutes until” she finally got to see her partner. It’s a smooth, jazzy piece of R&B that is sprayed with restless longing and blood-rushing excitement before being reunited with a loved one. Check it out: 

In her own words, “This song feels like the right mix of jazz and R&B I’ve been cultivating for so long. Like I’ve finally found my groove. I hope that as you listen, you are reminded that even through feelings of desperation and longing, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.”

The track is from Seyblu’s upcoming EP Silk Sessions, which will be out on June 25th