Crush Your Boredom With School Of X’s “Feel Of It”

Playful indie pop to keep you entertained

Photo: Jonas Bang

School of X, aka Rasmus Littauer, channels the restlessness we feel when we’re caught in boredom or some kind of monotony in his latest single “Feel Of It.” The track is Littauer’s response and disruption to such state where he throws in a barrage of blitzing riffs and ear-stopping moments that feels refreshing to your soul. For everyone who has gotten stuck in such trap, it’s time to feel alive again:

In his own words, “It’s about the desire to break out of daily routines and boredom, craving for headspace, excitement and bigger emotions. It’s a desire that seduces me and haunts me and sometimes comes with a cost. Sometimes you end up all alone because you’ve been blinded by the light.”

The track is from his upcoming sophomore album Dancing Through The Void, which will be out on September 24th. Catch School of X live this fall:

Nov. 18, 2021—Studenterhuset, Aalborg, DK

Nov. 19, 2021—Atlas, Aarhus, DK

Nov. 20, 2021—Harders, Svendborg, DK

Nov. 26, 2021—Sønderborghus, Sønderborg, DK

Nov. 27, 2021—Pumpehuset, København, DK