If You’re Still Listening To That Old Flame Song, Play Pizzagirl’s “Sugar Ray”

One of the most sinful guilty pleasures

Photo: Kate Davies

Liverpool artist Pizzagirl reminds you of those weird instances in life when you run into a song that immediately triggers memories of an old flame in “Sugar Ray.” Marching forward with an addictive drumbeat, Pizzagirl’s smooth vocals along with the nostalgic synths recapture the old mutual passion you shared while listening to that one shitty song in the background. Whether that song makes you regretful or horny, here is “Sugar Ray” to let those emotions out:

In his own words, “Here’s my third single ‘sugar ray’ – not really a break up song this time, but from a moment a few months after perhaps. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I’d like to think that you and that old flame from many phones ago still listen to that one really bad song from time to time, and maybe it’s this one. Who knows ? Be right back!”  

The track is from his upcoming album Softcore Mourne, which will be out on July 16th via Heist or Hit. He will also hit the road soon:

Tour Dates 

7th August – Rivfest, Warrington

13th October – The Shipping Forecast, Liverpool

14th October – Lexington, London

15th October – YES Basement, Manchester