Daniel Joy’s “How To Talk To Girls” Is An Ode To Every Shy Guy


Photo: Apex One

Danish artist Daniel Joy pays homage to all the shy guys out there who have gone through awkward situations in his latest single “How to Talk to Girls.” It’s a quirky piece where Daniel gets candid with being insecure while delivering a cinematic buildup. The driving force of the track though is Daniel’s raw vocals that manage to channel the anxiety, rush, and playfulness of the situation:

In his own words, “‘How to Talk to Girls’ is a tribute to the shy guy. I recall the awkward moments in bars, you know, the moments where one of your friends introduces you to this girl, and you suddenly turn into a silent and uncomfortable shell. It’s just as much about impressing your friends, as it is finding the courage to actually talk to a girl you’ve just met. No one wants to be known as the shy and awkward friend sitting in the corner and I can think of a dozen times where a book for dummies or a tutorial video would have come in handy. I still don’t know what’s going on – so here’s a song about it!”  

The track is out now via Apex One.