mp.oxford Captures The Grieving Stages Of Heartbreak In His Debut EP ‘external heartdrive’

Grab some tissues and wine

Adam Katz Sindingatzgding

Breakups aren’t easy, but mp.oxford manages to make them sound highly slick and groovy in his debut EP external heartdrive. And before you decide to eyeroll thinking that it’s another getting-over-someone record, let us warn you – it is exactly that. But in a weirdly haunted and delicious way. Manipulating the subtle risqué ambience of R&B while using pop textures, mp.oxford captures the stages of grief we experience when we lose the person we thought was the one. So if you’re in that position, grab some tissues and wine coz you’ll be dancing while shedding a lot of tears:

In his own words, “It’s a collection of songs that you can pull out and be reminded of –like listening to a past life. Going through a once difficult period in your life. That’s why it’s named external heartdrive, so it doesn’t require any room as there is no longer room to give. However, it is never lost –merely put to side for now, as a memory of something that used to be.”

Along with the record, mp.oxford recently dropped the video for his single “places” so check it out: