Bounce Back Stronger & Groovier With Valencia’s “So Sober”


Photo: PR courtesy

LA-based duo Valencia, aka California’s Jadeyn Madsen and London’s Lou Courts, capture the renewing feeling of bouncing back from a low point in your life in their new single “So Sober.” Think about all those shituations where you found yourself single or unemployed and all you can do is to gorge in microwaved Red Baron that tastes like tears and carton coz you were too sad to bake it properly. And that’s when “So Sober” comes in – it’s a melancholic wonderland filled with classy piano taps and slick synths that mend your broken heart as the duo reassure you that it can get better from there. You can bounce or waltz back from this low and become a groovier version of yourself:

In their own words, “This song is for anyone who’s ever been going through it. ‘So Sober’ is about working through the hardship; coming back from the low points in life (losing a job, or a terrible breakup) and when you’re trying to drown it all out, you find someone or something that makes you want to keep going.”

The duo is set to release more songs soon.