ISLAND Skate Through Nostalgia Lane In New Video “Young Days”

A downtempo harmony with 90s dash

Photo: Christian Cargill

UK band ISLAND takes us down the nostalgia lane with their latest single and video “Young Days,” which was directed by vocalist Rollo Doherty. The track sees the band diving further into nostalgia using warm, celestial riffs that are tinted with 90s shades. “Young Days” feels like a time capsule into a moment of carefree splendor. But along with the past, ISLAND also remind us of the importance of helping future generations have their own nostalgic haven: 

Speaking about “Young Days” Rollo said, “Our lifestyles are driving the planet towards what feels like an inevitable future, and not being able to look into the eyes of the generations who will suffer the worst of the consequences makes it not even seem real. ‘Young Days’ considers those ideas, but it was also written when I felt like I had reached a point where I needed to look at aspects of my own life, and change to better my future. The song is lost somewhere between those two thoughts.” 

The track is from their upcoming new album Yesterday Park, which will be out on June 25th via Frenchkiss Records.