The Lagoons’ “Dial Tones (Voicemail)” Is Existential Electropop

Great for listening as you question life

Southern California duo The Lagoons soaks us with breezy existential vibes with their latest single “Dial Tones (Voicemail).” Bleached with the sun-kissed meditative vibes, it is a buoyant piece where The Lagoons piece together the existential questions we face which ultimately leads us finding ourselves. Check it out: 

On the meaning behind their track, The Lagoons explained: “Ultimately, it’s about finding yourself. Whether it’s being stuck on something from the past, reminiscing about something that is no more, or refusing to move on, inaction will not resolve this lack of fulfillment. “It’s about the battle between passively hoping your prayers will be answered versus going out and finding answers.”

They continued, “It’s OK to be curious and question things you’re unsure about. Your actions will help create the change you want to see in yourself. Don’t wait around for things to happen or come your way. It’s easy to become complacent and caught up in trying to relive our memories. Hopefully this song helps people take steps towards moving forward into an uncertain future.”

Comprised of sibling duo Tyan and Joey Selan, The Lagoons released their debut record Midnight Afternoon in 2020, which garnered millions of streams along with buzz across online. The duo will be releasing more singles this year, so stay tuned.