Escape, Procrastinate, And/Or Chill With Diamondtown’s “Hide”

Shoegazey indie pop

Photo: PR courtesy

Canadian band Diamondtown offer us a sonic haven to escape to with their latest single “Hide.” Dipped in the gauzy, faded textures of shoegaze, “Hide” is filled with aerated synths that makes it the perfect slice of dream pop to let your mind wander. Lyrically, the song highlights our mental defense mechanism to transport our mind somewhere else where we can find comfort and not let the outside chaos consume us: 

“With our new song, ‘Hide,’ we created a sad yet uplifting dreamscape for you to find solace in. The world can be so messed up and overwhelming sometimes, which has led to escapism being a common topic in our writing,” shared the band.

Along with the single, the track comes with a new 7 inch, HIDE/WAKE, which the band recorded live in-between Covid waves. They’re also preparing to roll out their debut album in September, so keep them under your radar.