Being Famegry Ain’t Sexy In Aston Fenly’s “Starburst” Ft. Vino Tarantino

Dark pop

LA-based artist Aston Fenly takes us to the dark side of the fame in his latest single “Starburst” ft. Vino Tarantino. Infused with trap swagger, “Starburst” feels like a nocturnal single you would listen to while musing on our fame-hungry culture. Fenly’s delicate choruses waltz over the stunning production as we get hooked on laidback bounciness:

“Ever since I was in the spotlight as a child, I’ve always felt like I needed that rush. It’s been a constant chase. I hope people listen to the song and think about the way a lot of us are chasing stars. Myself included. I’m not sure it’s healthy. Besides that, it’s just a crazy track with an insane vibe and it’s really special to me,” he shared.

Aston started off as a songwriter of alternative rock music and eventually started honing his sound by incorporating hip-hop elements. He broke into the scene with his debut single “Sunrise” and has released various critically-acclaimed tracks including “Sick!” ft. Trevor Daniel. He is currently recording his first project, which will be out later this year.