Jake Whiskin Chills At The Back Of A Truck In “Running On Fumes” And We’re Jealous

Alternative folk-rock

Photo: PR courtesy

Imagine soaking on the fresh country air at the back of a truck as you enjoy the stunning view of nature…it’s every herban’s dream come true. And Jake Whiskin lives that dream in his new video “Running On Fumes,” a seamless blend of alternative rock and Americana that are as slick as his hair. The raw guitar chords propel at a smooth pace as his soft, silvery voice embraces the art of gratitude. Hit play:  

On the single, Jake Whiskin said: “‘Running on Fumes’ is pretty much about being thankful for the people who pick you up when you’re feeling down, and acknowledging the strain that can put on them when you’re in that place. I remember going into the studio feeling like that, but it was such an immersive session that it took me out of it. It’s probably the most urgent and direct track on the EP.” 

Be on the lookout for his upcoming sophomore EP this summer.