If Broken Cyclists Or Bora Boring Sounds Familiar, Here’s Lauran Hibberd’s “Bleugh” For You

Slacker pop

Photo: Rebecca Need-Menear

Lauran Hibberd captures that weird phase of your life when you got obsessed with people who had nothing to offer you in her latest single “Bleaugh.” We’ve all encountered people who seemed mildly unique, but really were tragically basic – and “Bleaugh” just captures that inexplicable fascination with those people. Sonically it’s a dynamite of fizzling riffs that pushes you into this vortex of chaotic gloriousness. Check it out:

In her own words: “‘Bleugh’ is the only sound that sums up my adult reaction to my pre-naive self. It’s about always being attracted to people who’ve nothing going on, nothing to offer you, yet it’s that hamster wheel you can’t quite jump off.

You’ll probably find these people in bands called something like ‘broken cyclists’ or better yet in moody solo projects called something pretentious like ‘bora boring’. It’s my favourite track of mine, and I’ve been sitting on and incubating this girl for a while. It feels really good shouting ‘Bleugh’ btw, I recommend you try it out.”

The track is from her upcoming EP Goober, which will be out on July 30th