The Taylor Twins’ “Lost All The Summer” Is A 60s Psychedelic Remedy For FOMO

Let your ears swirl

Photo: PR courtesy

London duo The Taylor Twins takes us back to the 60s with their debut single “Lost All The Summer,” a kaleidoscopic anthem with the shimmering finish of glam rock and grunge that washes you with the bittersweet summer existentialism. Lyrically, the duo dive into the cringing despair of having missed out on experiences in the past and the desire to live the fullest this time. Cheers to that: 

Speaking of their latest release, The Taylor Twins commented, “‘Lost All The Summer’ is an expression of frustration about missing out on things in the past, and knowing better this time, making the most of everything life has to offer from now on. It’s about growing into yourself.”

Siblings Ollie (vocals, guitar) and Eddie Taylor (vocals, bass) are the 22-year-olds behind The Taylor Twins. Both have shown a knack for music at a young age, developing their sound in a tin-roofed garden shed in the early days. The brothers’ initial progress with their project Butterfly came to a halt when their bandmates left during the lockdown. Not ready to give up yet, the siblings built a home studio and spent most of their indoor days songsmithing. The Taylor Twins is their newly relaunched project that reveals what they’ve been working on this past year and is already accumulating praises from other artists and radio. “Lost All The Summer” is out now via their own indie label Rørvig Records, a name that was inspired by their Scandinavian roots.