School Of X Talks About His Music, Upcoming Album & Breaking Routines

Get to know the routine wrecker

Photo: Jonas Bang

By Pres Dean

Danish artist School of X, Rasmus Littauer, has been giving us a much-needed novelty rush these past few months with his latest releases “Away” and “Feel Of It.” Like many artists, 2020 has been a year where Littauer spent much of his time reflecting, songsmithing, and being existential. The result of this journey is his new upcoming album Dancing Through The Void, out of September 24th via Tambourhinoceros Records. We had a glimpse of the record recently with “Feel Of It,” which captured the restless despair of being trapped in a routine. And while the theme is gloomy, the song itself is a catchy banger that keeps your adrenalins bouncing as you dance or scream internally with your headphones on:

We had a chance to chat with the enigmatic artist about music, his album, coping with monotony, and – of course – apocalyptic party.

Give us a brief background – when did you started pursuing music?

Since I was a little boy I played all kinds of instruments. To me that’s my reality and a part of me.

For someone who is new to School of X sound, what three songs would you recommend?

“Destiny,” “Bad Love” and then “New Friend” (out in August from the new album), and if you can’t wait then the new song “Away.” 

Can you tell us the story behind your upcoming album title Dancing Through The Void?

Dancing Through The Void is an ode to live and be exactly who you are, no matter the noise that surrounds you. To live your best life even if it’s hard to find meaning. 

“Feel Of It” really struck a chord to us as it nailed some of the frustrations and restlessness we’ve been feeling this past year with lockdown and all. How have you navigated this past year of pandemic? What do you personally do when you feel stuck in a routine?

Thank you. Yeah, I mean I think I’ve been trying to dance through the void. I hate routines to be honest. It kills me, and I fight against them. I can’t deny having them but I really really try not to. Before I used to tour and travel all the time which made it much easier to me to feel something and to feel inspired. Meeting new people and old friends and all these kinds of things. I’m really happy it looks like we’re over the worst part. 

Photo: Jonas Bang

What do you mostly look forward to in your upcoming fall tour?

Meeting everyone who have been with me on the past two albums without almost being able to see the songs live. Equally to perform the songs live finally.

The world ends tomorrow and you decide to throw an apocalyptic party tonight. What song will you choose as the opener? And which one as the closing one before we all die in flames?

I’m melancholic by nature. But I also love good parties like the one you’re describing 🙂 from my own songs I’d start with “Feel of It” and end it with “Blood Flow.”

Dancing Through The Void is the perfect album to listen to before we all die in flames.

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