Jelani Aryeh Reflects On The Stalkerish Nature Of Social Media In “Overexposed”

Social media loves company as much as misery does

Photo: Natasha Tilly

Filipino/African-American artist Jelani Aryeh muses on the weird way social media accompanies you everywhere (kinda how misery loves company) in his latest single “Overexposed.” Call it rock, pop, alternative, whatever – it’s just a good song that glues into your eardrums sending the right riffs to your reward center. Lyrically, it taps into how you get constantly bombarded with other people’s lives ad nauseum that you end up not living your life:

In his own words, “This song stemmed from a conversation about how social media never lets you feel like you can be alone with your own thoughts because you’re always being updated on things that you don’t need to know or care about.”

The track is from Jelani’s upcoming debut album I’ve Some Living To Do, which will be out on July 30th