Hotel Decor’s New EP ‘Could It Take Me Any Longer’ Is A Psychedelic Wonderland

The lovechild of psychedelia and chillwave

Photos: Dual Sense

Canadian artist Hotel Decor has released his long-awaited EP Could It Take Me Any Longer, a four-track record that immerses you into the deepest corners of his consciousness. Imagine if psychedelia and chillwave had a baby on the dancefloor – that’s exactly what this record sounds like. Toying with different textures and sounds, Hotel Decor swirls you into his sonic vortex where you get to waltz with a variety of thoughts: 

Speaking of the record, Hotel Decor shared: “This whole EP came together over the course of about a year. I really enjoyed making a collection of stylistically different songs. I decided to start doing vocals as I hit a pretty big stop with my previous project. It was an exciting project to work on as there wasn’t really any expectation as to what I would write or try to make. Especially with starting to do my own vocals, as I wanted to keep it as open ended as possible and write whatever I felt like. The tone of the entire EP ended up being me talking about the mundane and boxed in feelings I was experiencing.”

Could It Take Me Any Longer is out now via Mammal Sounds Records.