Luke Wild Points The Finger At Himself In “New Miss America”

And makes us very self-reflective

Photo: Jordan Douglas

LA-based artist Luke Wild has teamed up with producer Jerome Potter in his latest single “New Miss America.” A follow up of his debut EP Sunburn from last year, the track is a quirky upbeat piece where Luke Wild playfully reflects on his own actions and admits being guilty of doing the same things he judges other people of doing – think about all the times you judged someone for ordering a unicorn frappuccino at Starbucks…and then you order that same shit on your next visit. Yeah, you’re just as guilty for the existence of unicorn frappuccinos:

“‘New Miss America’ is a song pointing the finger at myself. It’s easy to look at others and judge the vain things they do. When in reality I do the same thing everyday,” shared Luke Wild.

The track is out now via Terrible Records.