Modern Original on their Psych Rock Sound & Performing with Bigfoot

Interview by Leah Black

Photo: Cortney Armitage

All new alt-pop band Modern Original is composed of Joshua Hogan and Andy Warren of the celebrated band the Mowgli’s. The playful duo’s debut single “Turn it Around” keeps things fresh and high-spirited with their use of psychedelic infused surf riffs and upbeat tempos.  Blending classic rock and contemporary indie pop, the duo have formed a unique sound all of their own while holding onto the bright and colorful melodies of the signature sun-drenched sounds of the Mowgli’s. “Turn It Around” was written in the height of the pandemic and drips with optimism and hope. 

Check out our interview below, where we caught up with the band to discuss the inspiration behind their debut single and what outrageous item they can’t wait to bring back on tour and more!

Josh and Andy, you guys were previously in the famed alt-pop band The Mowgli’s. Can you tell me a little about how and why you decided to start Modern Original together?

We were in the full swing of writing when the pandemic started. Then the Mowgli’s decided to go on hiatus. It was a natural decision for us to keep working together. We knew we wanted to do a new project & we knew we wanted to think outside of the Mowgli’s box. We kept writing, and soon we had a handful of songs which helped us develop the sound that is Modern Original.

Why did you choose the name Modern Original? Is there a particular meaning behind the name?

Modern Original was the title to a song that we scrapped. We liked the theme of being a new classic, like Jack Nicholson. We’ve been around for a while, but we still have something to say.

How would you describe your sound in three words or less?

Alternative Trip Pop

Your single “Turn it Around” is about taking back control of your life. What inspired you to write a song with this particular message?

The whole EP is an arc of all the feels we had in 2020. Songs about loss, songs about having your world turned upside down. Feeling disconnected from a society that felt like it was crumbling. It felt like we had lost control of everything. One day we were feeling optimistic, and we wrote TIA about letting go of anxiety and negative energy while taking control of your life.

How did you come up with the concept for the music video for “Turn it Around” in terms of colors used, animations, locations of scenes and so on?

Andy cut the video together with footage from the recording process along with some footage from around Los Angeles. One key location is Elysian Park, where we used to take our dog Abby. We also used the parking lot of our studio and a sketchy off ramp to the 110 freeway. Katie Earl helped us get the shots we needed & Andy found some fun psychedelic filters that fit the vibe of the song.

What does the future for Modern Original look like? Any new music or shows on the horizon?

Modern Original is ready to play shows! We’re getting the pieces together right now and we will have some shows very soon. We already have some new songs and we’ll be back in the studio before we know it.

If you could play music with the Lock Ness monster or Bigfoot, which one would you choose?

We would go with Bigfoot because we think Bigfoot is a drummer and we think Lock Ness is a synth guy.

What’s the most outrageous item you would have on your touring rider?

Josh has “anyone who will play soccer with me” on the rider, & Andy has Tums on the rider, ONLY THE GREEN ONES.. but for real our rider is always an assortment of snacks like chips and pretzels and cold cuts, etc, La Croix, decent beer, maybe a bottle of Whiskey. Usually throw in something fun like gummy bears. We try to stay healthy but we also wanna have a little fun.

Check out Modern Original’s debut single “Turn It Around” and stay groovy. 

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