VICTORS’ “I Could Be Your World” Is Emotional Steroid


Photo: PR courtesy

Leeds trio VICTORS injects us with the pupil-dilating and blood-rushing feeling of love with their latest single “I Could Be Your World,” an exquisitely crafted synthpop piece that captures the highs of the honeymoon phase. The grand-sized beats paired with the sanguine choruses hits you with that Romeo-&-Juliet euphoria as the trio capture the feeling of being injected with love steroids. Indulge unapologetically:

On the song, VICTORS shared: “We see ICBYW is a classic ‘VICTORS’ track. We wanted a nod to our older stuff for our earliest, loyalist fans. It’s about the early phases of a romantic relationship. Where all that matters in the world is each other, the obsession and the belief that your love is unique and special and that nothing could ever bring it to an end.”

The track is the first peek into their upcoming EP, which will transport you to the different phases of a relationship. So prepare yourselves emotionally.