nijuu Takes Existentialism To Fairy Levels In “나에게로 Come To Me”

Dream pop

Photo: Mingyu

London-based, Korean artist nijuu (aka Yujin Jo) take our daily existential dilemma to mystical heights with her latest single “나에게로 Come To Me.” Weaved with raw shimmering strings, the track blurs the lines between introspection and imagination as nijuu’s silvery vocals navigate through the deepest corners of her own consciousness. The lyrics feel like some kind of incantation as nijuu drives you further into its atmosphere: 

Speaking of the track, nijuu shared: “I was thinking about – who am I? I was questioning myself again and again. And always I thought I’m no one. I’m not special. I’m nothing. In 2018, I was walking on an uphill road, I saw the sunset and I felt like the light told me ‘come to Me, please come to me. You are not gonna be staying in the dark. If you feel nothing, that means you could be anything’ and right after I went back home and wrote the song.”

The track is from her upcoming EP nijuu in the forest, which she’ll be sharing more details soon.