Charli Adams Channels Her Nomadic Spirit In “Seventeen Again” Ft. Novo Amor


Photo: Ed Tullet

Charli Adams teams up with Welsh artist Novo Amor in her new single “Seventeen Again,” a buoyant melancholic piece where Charli lets her wanderlust run free. With its slow-burning riffs, “Seventeen Again” captures that surreal feeling of being away from home and exploring the novelty that a new urban jungle has to offer. Check it out: 

“I’d been listening to Novo Amor for a while and was a huge fan when he reached out over Instagram back in 2019. I was spending some time in London shooting a video and he invited me out to his home studio in Wales to work on some music. Ali is ridiculously talented and we had a lot of fun creating this song”, shared the Alabama native. “We spent the week making ‘Seventeen Again’ and exploring Cardiff. I remember feeling the way that I did when I left home for the first time at seventeen and moved to Nashville, and that was the inspiration behind the song. It’s definitely not in my nature to stay in one place for too long and I find myself fantasizing about moving away far too often. The song follows my familiar thought process of walking around a foreign city imagining what it would be like to never go home.”

The track is from her upcoming debut LP Bullseye, which will be out on July 16th via Color Study