Ollie Hussey’s “May I Use” Is A Sonically Minimalist & Meaningfully Maximalist

Can mean anything really

Artwork: @olliehusseymusic IG

Fresh from taking the #1 crown from Hypem last month with “Credence,” UK artist Ollie Hussey is back with another enigmatic single titled “May I Use.” Settling into a minimalist production, “May I Use” also keeps things simple yet intricate with his budget-friendly instruments: guitar and old iPhone. There may have been some unconventional instruments that Ollie has used (like scissors and pens), which is mind-blowing considering how rich “May I Use” feels. Lyrically, “May I Use” falls in the vague realm as Ollie lets his listeners interpret it however they feel like it: 

In his own words, “It all started with the main piano hook that runs pretty much all the way through, then it all came together after that. I’ll be honest, it’s not really about anything specific! The way I write a lot of the time is I get most of the instrumental done and then I make random noises into my phone until words start forming. They don’t have to mean anything, if they sound good and they rhyme then I’ll put them in! What happens then is that I can then listen back to it and it’s like I’m hearing it for the first time and I can interpret the lyrics however I want. To me, I imagine it being about somebody who wants to be somebody else; they literally want to assume their identity. I think they’ve taken their admiration for them too far and it’s become obsessive. There’s a line in it that says: May I rule over you? so there’s definitely a creepy aspect to it.”