The Vaccines Reveal Title Track Of Their Upcoming Album ‘Back In Love City’

A rumination on disconnection

Photo: Frank Fieber

The Vaccines have announced their upcoming new album Back In Love City, out on September 10, along with the release of its title track today. The song breaks down the strange feeling of disconnection we deal with in this modern era when we’re supposed to be more connected than ever thanks to the advent of social media. With “Back In Love City,” The Vaccines channel the chromatic funkiness of fictional cities we’ve seen from Ridley Scott’s films to Cowboy Beebop, as well as vibrant places like Las Vegas, Tijuana, and Tokyo. Inspired by frontman Justin Young’s experience doing a house swap in LA, the track delves into the ways we get to be part of someone’s life while lacking the real human-to-human interaction:

“I literally swapped lives with a stranger. I lived in in house and drove his car while he lived in mine, but we’d never met and had no previous connections.” Reflected Young. He further added, “In some obvious ways we’re more connected than ever. But we’re also more polarised than we’ve been for 100 years and the world is getting colder. What if there was a place where love and other emotions had run dry – but you could go to Love City to get them?” 

While Back In Love City isn’t exactly the lovechild of lockdown creativity, the album deals with themes of escapism – which couldn’t be more applicable to our present day. Stay tuned for more announcements from the band in the upcoming weeks.