Ayelle Manifests Guilty Excapades In “Nights2Long”

It’s so wrong but feels so right

Photo: PR courtesy

If lockdown and social-distancing have driven you to make bad decisions, then you’re not alone. Swedish-Iranian artist Ayelle captures some of the regretful yet worthy instances when we had a relapse of judgement in her new single “Nights2Long.” Inspired by Ayelle’s own experience manifesting an excapade, “Nights2Long” is a playfully quirky piece that encapsulates the nocturnal euphoria that lures ex lovers together: 

Speaking about it, she said: “This song is for anyone who’s been lonely and sexually frustrated during this last year and maybe texted an ex as a consequence of that haha. It’s about taking that frustration and turning it into something fun by dreaming up scenarios and willing them into existence. The artwork is inspired by the tarot card ‘The Magician’ which is the card of manifestation.”

The track is from Ayelle’s upcoming debut album VIII, which she’ll be sharing more details soon.