Chuala Criticizes Busy Culture In New Dance Smasher “wake up!”

Underground dance music for burnouts

Photo: PR courtesy

German-Cameroonian artist Chuala isn’t a fan of our obsession to outbusy other people – her latest single “wake up!” is a hip-shaking piece that brings together elements of house and dance together to craft an introspective waltz. The almost auto-tune lyrics “wake up” captures the soul-killing, addictive monotony we fall into in a world that glorifies busy culture. With “wake up!” Chuala points out the absurdity of such situation while nudging us to dance away from the never-ending busy race:  

Speaking of the track, she shared: “While ‘wake up!’ is also a kind of turn up song, it’s mostly a criticism to this idea, that all that matters is how much money you make, even if it means you never have time for anything else. A lot of us have totally submitted to a workaholic lifestyle and we wanna ‘out-busy’ each other. I felt very cynical when writing this song and chose the repetition in the lyrics to showcase the repetitive routines many people follow until they die.”

The track is from Chuala’s upcoming EP me and chu, which will be out on July 31st