BAD’s New Single “Jupiter” is a Space-themed Jamboree

Photo: PR courtesy

By Leah Black

Flying saucers, aliens, outer space. No one can say for certain whether extraterrestrial life exists, but if it does, Brooklyn-based electro pop duo BAD calls for spaceships and laser beams in their new single “Jupiter,” which is all about throwing a wild alien disco party. 

BAD, consisting of Julia Brex and Jackson Hoffman, are best known for their explosive blend of old school inspired funk, 90’s pop, and throwback hip-hop aesthetics that cumulate into vibrant and light-hearted dance floor jams. Their latest single “Jupiter” is all about escaping into fantasy and indulging in your curiosities for that glow-in-the-dark epic celebration of all things extraterrestrial. The duo confides, “it’s no secret living on Earth has been wild over the past year or so. ‘Jupiter’ is an escape to another world.  We want this song to help spin us out of this state of retrograde we’ve been living in, feeling like everything is upside down, and turn it around.” Shining brightly with ebullience, this bouncy left-field disco pop song makes you want to let your hair down and dance through the uncertainty like Prince would with his keytar on the dancefloor.

Featuring a catchy melody, a trendsetting thumping beat and otherworldly soundscapes, this is the perfect song to re-introduce optimism into the world with the start of summer and fresh new beginnings.

Julia and Brad of BAD met in high school and have been collaborating musically for over a decade. Their intense synergy has led them on an incredible journey together, creating a unique blend of dance anthems that incorporate old and new flavors filled with vigor, optimism, and a deep sense of nostalgia. 

Check out BAD’s “Jupiter” here for an extravagant, fun-filled ride to supersonic city!