Cubs Refrain Redefine Being “Ladylike” In New Single


Photo: PR courtesy

Cubs Refrain defy the orthodox notions that surround being a woman in their new single “Ladylike,” a playfully quirky piece that addresses some of the external bullshit women have to deal with daily. With “Ladylike,” the duo offer hip-shaking riffs that defy the traditional gender expectations while delivering a self-empowering message. Check it out:

Speaking of the track, the duo shared: “In writing this song, our band member, Erin Roblin, reflected on her own experiences with society’s expectations of her as a woman, including the fight for control of her own choices in her life and career. We tell a story with ‘Ladylike’ through the lens of a female gendered robot (inspired in part by the humanoid robot, Fiona, from the TV show Silicon Valley), but the song empathizes with anyone who experiences the struggles of external pressure. This fun, empowering pop song champions owning your own personal power and expression.”