jak lvr Addresses Uncertainties In New Single “Call It Love (If You Want To)”


Photo: Milly Hutchcraft

Teesside-based artist jak lvr navigates through the labyrinth of self-doubt and uncertainty in new single “Call It Love (If You Want To).” Smeared with the retro colors of disco, the track sways between slow-burning dance to chest-swelling instances as jak lvr crafts another glorious soundscape to keep our head in the clouds. There is an introspective sense of melancholia as jak’s echoing vocals navigate through the highly familiar yet always discomforting sense of doubt we juggle daily:

“‘Call It Love’ is about being unsure, about both myself and the things I feel and experience. It really gets to the core of why I make music because it addresses the way I feel and I suppose if the song resonates with people I get some sort of validation that I’m not mad and most people live with at least some uncertainty around things that are often presented as knowable variables.”

The track is from his upcoming debut EP, which will be out on September 10th