Ola Village’s “Anger Problems” Is For Everyone Who Wins Arguments…In Their Head

Coz you can always win…in your head

Photo: PR courtesy

Norwegian artist Ola Village lets us vicariously savor the victory of beating people – usually your frienemies and enemies – in an argument in new single “Anger Problems.” With its vivid piano drops and glorious guitar strikes, “Anger Problems” comes with a twist. Rather than letting you indulge in winning an actual argument, Ola Village lets you luxuriate in the triumph of beating someone verbally in your head: 

Of the new single, Ola Village said: “Have you ever had crazy arguments and fights in your mind with someone, where you just demolish the other persons opinions? Well, that’s what this song is about. A sort of hymn to all of us passive aggressive heroes who just want to spread good vibes even when the opposite person is a complete asshole.

It’s a song about me making up arguments in my mind with people that I don’t like. And I win every time. It’s pretty nice. But it might also be an indication that I have some low-key anger problems. Either that or I’m really good at anger management. I don’t know.”