Mayn Navigates Through The Chaos Of Change In “Polyphonic”


Photo: Kirby Gladstein

LA-based artist Mayn, aka Charlie Maynard, has unveiled his latest indietronic single “Polyphonic,” largely inspired by his own experience dealing with the chaotic changes of the pandemic. Coated with lush synth and cinematic samples, “Polyphonic” toys with chaotic textures that Mayn arranges them into pure harmony: 

Speaking of the track, Mayn commented: “The past year has been heavy with tension, and so full of change—personal shifts in my own life with those close to me, and massive shifts on global scale. In times when change is so abundant and there are so many voices competing for action, it’s easy to be trapped by fear. ‘Polyphonic’ is a song about acceptance. It’s about tuning out the noise and moving forward with what matters most to you—even if it’s likely to change you forever. That’s the only way to find your light.“