Nina Nesbitt’s “Summer Fling” Is Our Sonic Escapade

Summer of freedom

Photo: PR courtesy

Bleached with the sunny shades of 80s and nostalgic haziness that reminds of you Abba, Nina Nesbitt captures the inevitable euphoria of summertime dreams in her latest single “Summer Fling.” And despite its risqué connotation, the track actually applies the feeling of escapism that we long for during the warm season when nights are longer and everything seems possible. Inspired by Nina’s – and ours – desire to escape, especially last year, “Summer Fling” is for those who are experiencing wanderlust at the moment: 

“’Summer Fling’ is inspired by wanting to escape,” shared Nina. “I always caught myself dreaming of going back to Sweden to spend the summer there, so it’s a fantasy of that world. Where there’s no stress.”