If Adulting Looks Exactly What You Didn’t Imagine, Here’s LACES’ “Almost Happy”

For all the OK-ish adults out there

Photo: PR courtesy

LACES has dropped a song for everyone who is kinda-sorta-like-okayish-fine with their current adulting called “Almost Happy.” And just like its title, it’s a song that embraces the imperfect journey of aging and learning to let go of expectations as you practice self-love. It’s a laidback, reflective track that has a subtle touch of melancholia to it. “‘Almost Happy’ is that destination you reach as an adult. Content, solid, and maybe some residual bitterness left over from your youth. It’s simply a reflection on where you are and not where you’re going. Accepting who you are is a beautiful thing, even if it’s a lowkey confession of how messed up you are,” shared LACES. Check it out:

Jessica Vaughn is the mastermind behind LACEs who writes for other recording artists and produces music for Hasbro cartoons like Jem & the HologramsBaby Alive, Littlest Pet ShopEquestria Girls, and etc.