It’s Time To Cry & Make Regretful Choices With Baby Queen’s “You Shaped Hole”

Breakup song for the hot mess

If you’ve fallen into the self-saboteur hole of drinking, bad hookups, and other questionable decisions to numb your heartbreak, then Baby Queen’s “You Shaped Hole” is perfect for you. Smeared with Baby Queen’s quirky flair, the track captures the restless heartache that sits in your system along with the pile of wrong choices you make to remedy it. Dark but sassy, “You Shaped Hole” is the ultimate messy pop for the anti-heroes out there. Hit play:

Baby Queen aka Bella Latham says: “I was super heartbroken when I wrote this song, and my ex was dating this beautiful supermodel after dumping me in Clissold Park in North East London. I went through a bit of a wild phase, as one does, and was doing everything I could possibly do to feel better. At the time I had this image in my mind of a hole inside my body that was shaped exactly like my ex, and it was as if I was trying to fill that hole in any way I could, but the things I was filling it with never reached the corners or made me feel any better, they just cluttered my life.”

Baby Queen is scheduled to perform at summer festivals including Reading and Leeds. She’s also going to be playing her debut headline show on November 9 and 10 at Omeara in London.