From Love To Wealth Disparity, The Zolas’ ‘Come Back To Life’ Album Checks All The Boxes

Artwork: PR courtesy

Vancouver band The Zolas new album Come Back To Life is a record that was born out of necessity, nostalgia, frustrations, and playfulness. From tracks that tap into star-crossed lovers (“Yung DiCaprio”) to the wealth disparities we are witnessing (“I Feel the Transition”), Come Back To Life is an album where we see the trio pushing their creativity further. Whether the record feels like it’s nailing all the apocalyptic issues you’re enduring or the hope you’re holding onto, it reminds you of the uncontrollable variables of life. “I’m dead happy just being in this band right now. We love making noise together, we’re chasing the same vision, and lyrically I’ve never felt more on it,” shared The Zolas’ Zach Gray. “It’s nice to have a Kanye moment where you look at your output and go ‘This is the greatest shit that’s coming out this year.’ As cute Canadians we tend to shy away from feeling ourselves like that but it’s the truth.” Hit play: