Strange Bones Make A Mental Prison Break In “Jungle”


Photo: Alizon Taho & Jon Foxley-Evans 

UK quartet Strange Bones marry the edgy, explosive riffs of punk rock with industrial electronica in their new single “Jungle” With its speedy madness, “Jungle” takes you on a glorious net of distorted harmonies that are built from throbbing sub-bass and drum beats that land like missiles. The track comes with a video that captures the band’s madness onstage through its feverish visuals: 

On the track, frontman and songwriter Bobby Bentham says: “‘Jungle’ is a reflection of the mind prison which we feel sometimes locked up in. Anger and self-doubt, when it seems like everything is falling apart. It’s finding that strength and loophole to try to take control of reality and be ready for anything.”

The track is from their upcoming album England Screams, which will be out on August 20th