Tennis System Shares His Own Pre-Chaos Zen Moment In “Dizzy”

Aka his routine before stage madness

Photo: Marcus Russell Price

LA-based artist Tennis System shares his own peaceful routine before playing a show in his new video “Dizzy.” From cruising through the LA traffic to dealing with last minute show details, “Dizzy” gives you a taste of the chaotic norm we all used to take for granted before the pandemic hit. The track washes you with gauzy layers of fizzling riffs as Tennis System’s vocals soar over the cheery melancholia: 

Speaking of the track and video, Tennis System’s Matty Taylor said: “‘Dizzy’ is about the time I had during the pandemic to reflect on myself. I used that time to really dive deep inside me and decide what I wanted out of life, or what’s left of it.

The video for ‘Dizzy’ is meant to show my perspective of the day of a show. The things I typically do the day of a show, from the Yerba mate I drink to the tacos I eat. How I find peace before the chaos.”

See Tennis System on tour this upcoming winter: