Bealby Point Invites All Melancholic Dreamers In New Single “Talk To Me”


Photo: Sam Fazio

While we celebrate being vulnerable and honest with each other, no one addresses that uncomfortable awkward stage that we can slip into when we regret having opened up ‘too much.’ Canadian quartet Bealby Point capture such tragic state in their new melancholic dream rock banger “Talk To Me.” It’s buoyant, sticky, and mind-dazzling – yet beneath those woozy layers there are regrets, fears, and non-stop overthinking. “Talk To Me” is a track where you witness your head wrestling with your heart and at the same time, dealing with the strange power dynamics with someone whom you shared an intimate moment:

In their own words, “‘Talk To Me’ produced by Matt Di Pomponio is an indie rock song to be enjoyed by head thrashers and melancholic dreamers alike. It has an unforgettable chorus to belt out and a groove that will stick in your head for days. It’s about balancing heavy emotions with stifled logic – doing something you have reason to believe is wrong, but it feels right because you want it.” 

They further added, “This energetic track follows a pair who previously revealed their intimate feelings to each other. Now, they have closed off their real feelings and resist the urge to speak from an open heart, in order to save themselves from the perceived consequences of revealing their true thoughts. They long for things to go back to how they were.”