Lionel Boy Takes Us On A Fruity Ride With “Mango Michelada”

And it’s delicious

Photo: Basil Vargas

Hawaiian native, Long Beach-based artist Lionel Boy has dropped new single and video “Mango Michelada.” It’s a sonic pandemic baby that captures all the emotions of being in a closed space while trying to keep one’s sanity in check. The lo-fi beats accompanied by feelings of uncertainty, daydream, and wanderlust make “Mango Michelada” a treat to remedy the pandemic blues:

“‘Mango Michelada’ was made during two short months right before the pandemic between me, my friend Jacqueline and my girlfriend Casey,” noted Lionel Boy. “The opening lines of this song, ‘Mango Michelada with Clamato…’ were just words Jacqueline started reading off her beer can during mic check. Besides that, one line and the title, the song really has nothing to do with the beverage. It’s a random title for a song we wrote during the oddest year of our lives.”

He further continued on the video, “We wanted the music video to convey the same emotions we were all collectively feeling last year. From being cooped up in a small studio space drinking mango micheladas to being holed up at home during quarantine. Casey grabbed our vx camera and we all took turns driving around San Pedro and Long Beach, cooped up in Jacqueline’s car.”

The track is from his debut self-titled album, which is out now via Innovative Leisure.