Benji Lewis Ruminates On Connections & Memories In “Polaroids” Ft. Inbar Lavi

Perfect daydream song at the beach

Photo: Jessica Sellas

Aussie artist Benji Lewis teams up with LA songwriter/actress Inbar Lavi (ImpostersLucifer) in new single “Polaroids.” Bleached with the sun-kissed shades of nostalgia, “Polaroids” captures the familiar feeling of yearning for connection we’ve all felt during last year’s lockdown. This isn’t surprising since Benji and Inbar first met through social media during last year’s lockdown. With “Polaroids,” the listener is transported into a laidback headspace washed with soothingly melancholic synths: 

On the track, Benji shared: “Before going into the virtual session, Inbar and I had a really great chat about our shared love of the beach and spending time out in the sunshine enjoying good times and creating new lasting memories with the people most special to us. This certainly helped with the direction of the song. We also had two other people in the session with us, Julian Feifel who got us all moving with the instrumental base, and a songwriter called Rynn Kempthorn who really helped with forming the overall story, as well as bouncing melody ideas back & forth with myself. Listening to the song makes me smile and want to jump around. I hope it can brighten up your days and be part of your special sunny moments and memories.”

Inbar Lavi added, “The song can mean so many different things to different people. To me, it’s a yearning. The echo of feeling connected and separated at the same time, with a through-line of faded memories and the hope of making new ones.”

“Polaroids” is out now via AWAL.