BXB LOVE’s “IGNORANCE SONG” Is A Midfinger To Labeling

Alternative rock

Photo: PR courtesy

Canadian native, LA-based artist BXB LOVE (aka Natasha Pheko) defies the practice of labeling individuals in her latest single “IGNORANCE SONG.” With its edgy riffs and explosive choruses, BXB LOVE demolishes any repressive notions society imposes on people to ‘define’ their identities. “IGNORANCE SONG” is a cry for freedom, self-love, and most importantly, personal grit. Check it out: 

“One thing that I’ve loved about creating and sharing this project thus far is that it’s allowed me to tap into dreams, ideas, and modes of creative play that I hadn’t really connected with since I was a kid. Making this music video was literally an opportunity for me to live out part of my childhood rockstar fantasies” LOVE said. “Smashing shit, shouting into the camera, riding in the back of a sick car with beautiful people, jumping around in the sunset, guitar solos, clothes that made me feel like a bad ass… I mean…. come on! It was a blast!”