Forester’s “She Said” Sounds Like A Soundtrack For Surfing Documentary

And it sounds like that coz it was meant to be for that

Photo: PR courtesy

Marrying the breezy waves of summer beach pop with the classical carpe diem, Forester’s “She Said” is a slick gem that washes you with nostalgic vibes built on celestial synths that flow seamlessly. This isn’t surprising considering how “She Said” was originally made as a soundtrack for a surfing documentary, hence the ethereal fluid vibe. Press play:

In their own words, “‘She Said’ is a completely new sonic direction for us. It was originally written for a documentary about a surf trip Xander took to the Pacific Northwest. When the documentary fell through, we listened back to the demo and decided to finish it together as a Forester track. It’s a song about living in the spur of the moment and enjoying the simple pleasures the world has to offer.”