KWAYE’s “Kindness” Is Your Sonic Sage Of The Day


Photo: Udoma Janssen

LA via London and Zimbabwe artist KWAYE spreads pure positive vibes with his latest single “Kindness,” a funky R&B piece with the risqué smokiness of 80s pop that spreads love for yourself and others. With its shimmering riffs, “Kindness” is a mood-boosting anthem that washed you with a soulful euphoria: 

Speaking of the track, KWAYE said: “Kindness has got many meanings, but the overall idea is that simple thing that, I think in this day and age, we as human beings tend to stray away from… humans can be so quick to judge, but also be so quick to be skeptical of any kind gestures in public. I make a habit of – if I’ve got something nice to say, I’ll say it to a perfect stranger.”

He added: “I hope it’s a song that adds depth to a positive feeling in the sense that when you listen to slower songs or sad songs, we refer to those songs as deep. I feel like it’s possible to feel that way about happy songs. It’s possible to feel that deep level of happiness and joy. The music that is out is an indication into the variety of sonic roads that I hope to take you on [on ‘Learning To Swim’]. The journey is a beautiful one, but the music that we travel through is expansive.”

The track is from KWAYE’s upcoming EP Learning To Swim, which will be out later this year.