Laurent Bourque Captures Summertime Highs With “EASY”

Your summer yolo song

Photo: PR courtesy

Toronto artist Laurent Bourque infuses his love for disco and pop with a dash of old school hip-hop in his latest single “EASY.” It’s a buoyant piece that breezes through your system. As he puts it, it’s an “uplighting, happy song made for the post-pandemic summer to remind everyone that things can feel better even in the worst of times. Someone can walk into your life, making it feel a heck of a lot lighter despite all the madness in the world.” The track comes with a video where we get to see Laurent have the best time of his life drenched in sunshine: 

He further added, “I made ‘EASY’ to counterbalance the sadness too… in order to heal and transcend the everyday hardship of this terrible pandemic we’ve all lived/are living through. It’s aspirational, communicating the hope I wanted to feel at a time when there was no relief in sight.  We have to concentrate on the good, simple moments.”