Dutch Criminal Record’s “Return To Dust” Is Your New Awkward Love Song


Photo: PR corutesy

Portsmouth trio Dutch Criminal Record have unveiled their latest single “Return To Dust,” a dreamy indie pop piece bleached with sun-kissed synth waves where they delineate the awkward aspects of a blooming romance. Bringing back the 80s sparks of The Cure and Cocteau Twins, “Return To Dust” washes you with airy guitar chords and basslines that glides you into a playful ambience.

“I wrote it during the first lockdown whilst listening to early Radiohead. It was the first proper ‘love’ song I’d written in years and it’s about the early stages of falling in love and all the confusion and weird feelings it brings. After making a quick demo of the track I emailed it over to Joe who wrote that dreamy guitar riff and added some extra acoustic guitars and keyboard parts.”

The track is from their upcoming EP It’s Gonna Be Okay, which will be out on August 27th