Erez Zobary Celebrates The Ups & Downs Of Growing In “To Bloom”

Coming-of-age anthem

Photo: PR courtesy

Toronto artist Erez Zobary nestle us on a reflective coming-of-age soundscape in her new single “To Bloom,” an intricately self-loving piece where Erez celebrates all the high and lows that come with growth. “‘To Bloom’ is a coming-of-age story, a celebration of successes and stewing over failures, both within myself and with others. This album tells of blooming into the woman I am and getting to know myself, my sexuality, desires, flaws, and expectations,” commented Erez. With its exquisite layers of laidback beats, “To Bloom” invites you into a calm space of reflection that helps you accept and embrace all the life-changing moments – even the embarrassing ones. So grab some wine and put the speakers on: