Georgia Lines Goes All Formal In Water In New Video “Call Me By My Name”

Your guide to wearing suits in the water

Photo: PR courtesy

New Zealand artist Georgia Lines brings her inner 12-year-old boss to life in her new video “Call Me By My Name” where we get to see her rocking a suit in the water.  “It’s about the tension that is felt in every relationship where as individuals we want to be seen, understood and valued for who we are,” said Lines. “… But knowing that compromise, sacrifice and a willingness to learn and grow is necessary to love another human.” The track is an intricately sophisticated piece that makes you wanna relax and just luxuriate like a boss:

Speaking of the video, she shared: “I loved being a part of the directing process in this video. My inner bossy 12 year old self came to the surface in the director’s chair. We filmed the video whilst doing a photoshoot for ‘Call Me By My Name’ and thought it was such a fun concept of splitting screens to create strange and wonderful silhouettes of myself with all the moments that happen behind the camera.”