The Aquadolls’ “Disappearing Girl” Is A Dreamier Sonic Version Of Gone Girl

Indie rock

Photo: @_kotoko

SoCal trio The Aquadolls addresses the way we lose our identities in a relationship heading to its end in new single “Disappearing Girl.” A shimmering piece of indie rock, “Disappearing Girl” is built on fizzling layers of percussions as The Aquadolls toy with the raw elements garage and chest-swelling air of dream rock. Lyrically, “Disappearing Girl” feels like a more romantic and gentler version of Gone Girl situation when one side loses his/her identity, which eventually leads to breakup. 

In lead singer Melissa Brooks’ words, “‘Disappearing Girl’ is about not being able to put yourself first while in a relationship. No matter how much the other person wants to reach you they can’t, and you continue to drift apart until the relationship fizzles out into a distant dream.” 

The trio will be hitting stages in the upcoming days: 

July 31 Chicago, IL Metro (supporting Jimmy Eat World)

August 1 Chicago, IL Lollapalooza

September 11 Redondo Beach, CA Beachlife Festival

September 25 Dana Point, CA Ohana Festival